Oktober 2021

Food Oem Agreement

(e) The manufacturer is duly organized and present and, in good reputation, in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction of his organization, he has all the necessary powers and powers to possess and exploit its characteristics, conduct its operations as is currently the case and as proposed, conclude this agreement and carry out the envisaged transactions. The execution, delivery and execution of this agreement by the manufacturer has been duly approved by all necessary measures taken by the manufacturer. The performance, supply and performance of this Agreement by the Manufacturer is not contrary to (i) the essential provisions of any federal, state or local laws or regulations that apply to the Manufacturer, its charter or company statute/agreement, in order, judgment or decree of a court or other governmental authority that binds the Manufacturer, or (ii) in contradiction with: lead to an infringement or delay under a substantial agreement of the manufacturer (with reasonable notice or schedule or both) if such conflict, breach or failure can reasonably be assumed to have, individually or as a whole, a material adverse effect on the manufacturer`s business or operation. The performance, delivery and performance of this Agreement by the manufacturer and the conclusion of the proposed transactions do not require registration, consent, authorization or notification, or any other action with any governmental authority, with the exception of registrations, consents, authorizations, notifications or other acts that have been obtained and are still in force and effective. This agreement has been properly executed and provided by the manufacturer and constitutes the legal and binding obligation of the manufacturer which, in accordance with its conditions, is applicable to the manufacturer, unless the application can be limited by principles of equity or by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium or other similar laws with respect to or restrict the rights of creditors in general. (d) the performance of this Agreement and the performance of its obligations under this Agreement shall not nullify or be the subject of any agreement, hypothec, hypothec or contract in which the manufacturer participates or in which the production site or any of the equipment, installations or personal property included in the production site is subject. We design and negotiate private label contracts, either from the point of view of manufacturers or buyers. At PacMoore, we are passionate about expanding our employees so that we can feed the world in exceptional ways. Our mission is to use our success in manufacturing orders for the food industry, to promote the transformation of our entire lives for our employees and to invest in the communities where we work. These include creating jobs, providing full-time life counsellors for spiritual counselling, growth and support, proposing personal and professional development plans, promoting a culture of respect and integrity, and supporting our staff to meet their personal needs. 2.3 Changes to Specifications. The Manufacturer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer is and remains the owner of all recipes, processes, formulations, specifications, artwork, graphics and copies of labels provided or developed by Buyer, as well as other confidential and protected information regarding the Products…

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