Oktober 2022

Supply Agreement Lingue

The delivery contract is a contract in which a supplier undertakes to deliver certain goods and/or services to a buyer, whether exclusive or not. In the (international) market, a delivery contract (in the form of a framework contract) is often practicable because it only once sets out the conditions under which your customer can provide you with products or services. Often, your customer can then order the products or services by order on the basis of a so-called (rolling) forecast and you can take this into account in your (production) planning. If you include a minimum obligation to receive, you can also be guaranteed a minimum turnover. In the delivery agreement, you indicate which products you deliver, how many times and when you deliver the products, what these products must meet, the terms of delivery of the products, the terms of delivery (for example.B. Incoterms), what warranties apply to the products and to what extent your liability extends. Depending on your payment terms, it may also be useful to include a retention of title in the delivery contract. In this way, you will remain the rightful owner of the delivered products until you have received full payment for the delivered products. You can also include other conditions in the delivery contract, for example. B that the customer has a sales obligation, must perform an entry check or other quality assurance agreements (often including in a separate quality assurance agreement). You conclude a delivery contract if you regularly deliver products or services to another party (the delivery contract takes on the character of a framework contract), if you have a high-risk or high-priced product or service (e.g.B. Machines) or if you want to build a special relationship with your customer.

In addition, it is very important that the delivery agreement indicates the circumstances in which the agreement can be terminated. . Переводите текст из любого приложения или веб-сайта одним щелчком мыши Результатов: 23. . . .

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