Oktober 2022

Treasury Board Collective Agreement Cr

PSAC expects the new Liberal government to meet its obligations to respect our right to free collective bargaining and restore the public services provided by our members. We are united, ready and obliged to defend our collective agreements, our public services and the working conditions of those who provide them. The majority of members of the Program and Administration (PA), Technical Services (TC), Operational Services (OAS) and Library Education and Science (EB) bargaining units voted in favour of the new agreements. Our CFIA members owe a big thank you to the members of their negotiating team, who never let up their determination to find the best possible agreement in two years of very difficult negotiations. The agreement reached with the PA table brings substantial improvements to the financial remuneration of members. These include an increase in wages and allowances for certain occupations, such as. B Correctional Service of Canada Compensation and Personnel Advisor. The total compensation for all PA members is a minimum increase of five and a half percent over the four years of the collective agreement, plus a signing bonus of 650 $US. Our negotiating team unanimously recommends the ratification of the provisional agreement.

Our bargaining team came back to the table prepared to resolve all outstanding issues around the table and renew our collective agreement. A bargaining session scheduled for January was postponed to allow the employer to obtain a new mandate from the new Liberal government. The objective of the PSAC in this round of negotiations is to reach a fair collective agreement that evaluates the work and contributions of CFIA employees. Ontario Time – 26. May, 12:00, 17:00, 19:00: ontario.psac.com/bargaining/vote-on-cfia-tentative-agreement-ontario-info-sessions Where the PSAC negotiates collective agreements with „separate employers“, these contracts are also listed. From: psacunion.ca/treasury-board-bargaining-psac-continues-fight 1.1.32 Severance pay and other benefits resulting from other clauses of collective agreements shall be separated from and added to the provisions of this Annex. 66.02 Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the provisions of this Agreement shall enter into force on the date of their signature. This comes just three months after a new collective agreement was signed last October, after long and difficult negotiations.

Details of the agreement will be announced in the near future, as well as news regarding ratification votes. This process of review and correction by both parties takes time when taking into account the number of parties to the agreement and changes in wage rates. The ratification kit, which contains the full text of the provisional agreement, is now available for download. The TC bargaining team returned to Ottawa this week to resume negotiations on our next collective agreement. As this would be the first meeting between the team and the new Liberal government, we were not sure what lay ahead. The vote on a new collective agreement for our members employed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is now in full swing. Last February, a preliminary agreement was reached between CFIA and our negotiator, the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada. These provisional agreements apply to workers from one coast to another. Hundreds of ratification meetings, including briefings, will be held across the country until April 13. Unlike the preliminary agreement for the Board of Directors` negotiations, which is to be put to the vote of PSAC members in the near future, Phoenix`s damages agreement had to be ratified by the PSAC`s National Board of Directors. The Board of Directors voted unanimously on the offer on July 3, 2020. Negotiations between psac and Treasury Board have yet to begin.

By spreading disinformation, the Treasury Board is trying to circumvent the collective bargaining process. ** 13.14 From 1 January 2018, leave with pay granted to a worker in accordance with Articles 13.02, 13.09, 13.10, 13.12 and 13.13 shall be granted; The PSAC reimburses the employer for the worker`s salary and benefit costs during the leave of absence with payment, under the conditions set jointly. . . .

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