Oktober 2022

Vtrips Rental Agreement

If you rent ocean`s Edge Beach House in Ponte Vedra, FL, just pray not to have an emergency after 17:01. We chose this accommodation because my older mother accompanied us on vacation and needed a one-story house without stairs. We have rented this property in the past without major problems. We rented the accommodation for 10 days. On the 4th day, a severe storm was hit and we lost electricity on the property at 2 pm. I called the Vtrips maintenance line and informed them of the situation. They called back a few hours later and told me that the power supply would be restored around 8:30 p.m. Since we couldn`t cook in the house, we all went out to dinner. When we returned around 7:30 p.m., every house on the street in our immediate vicinity had electricity like ours. I called back the management of the Vtrips and I had the secretary on duty who received my information and told me that someone would call me back. NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. I tried to tell the energy company itself, but they didn`t talk to me because I wasn`t the owner of the house. I called the VTrips 4 – 5 x line within the next 5 hours just to talk to the same person, with the certainty that someone would call me back and no one ever did.

When the house got warmer and didn`t update when the power supply needed to be restored, we had to make a decision about where we would spend the night. When the house got so hot, we all had to wait outside (with insects and mosquitoes) until the power supply was restored after 22:30. At that time, the temperature in the house was about 82 – 85 degrees (they have two thermometers for their separate air conditioning systems), and we had to leave and spend the night elsewhere. I understand that the housing has no control over the energy company, but they have the control to keep us informed about the restoration of the power supply, which makes it possible to make decisions on the search for other housing for the night, taking into account in particular an elderly relative. When we got home in the morning, we found out that the TVs weren`t working and the living room screen wasn`t even on. Again, I called the representative of the Vtrips „Whitney“, who was indifferent, rude and very little useful. It literally took until late Friday afternoon to solve the problem with the living room TV and only half of the bedroom TVs. Try not to explain TV to your older parents for several days, as it was also their vacation, but without Matlock and NCIS.

I spoke to Whitney for several days with very little help or understanding, but a large amount of incivility and unprofessionalism. The quintessence here is that if you have an emergency after 5 p.m., you`re alone. .

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